Top 4 Ember.js Books for Beginners in 2023

Have the ‘spark’ to learn Ember.js? Ember is not the glow of a fire, but an open source JavaScript framework.

Have the ‘spark’ to learn Ember.js? Ember is not the glow of a fire, but an open source JavaScript framework.

Ember.js is an open source JavaScript framework used for developing web applications. This front end framework is geared towards long-term maintainability and productivity.

In this article, we go over the best books to learn Ember quickly, efficiently, and even with some joy.


Why Learn Ember?

Despite the steep learning curve, Ember.js is doing great and will bring even more amazing stuff to the picture. Here are a few reasons why programmers and developers should learn Ember.js:

  • Powerful addons: The size of EmberJS’s package ecosystem is very well-developed. Ember framework also has a dedicated website, where the packages are grouped by categories. 

  • Tight-knit community: The Ember.js has a tight-knit community. The community comes up with a standard way to do things instead of having people do things differently. They also hold various meetups and conferences in over 66 countries.

  • Convention over configuration: Ember.js prioritizes convention over configuration. This helps in boosting your productivity and building speed.

  • Pre-configured: It comes pre-configured with almost all you need to get an application up and running

  • Early adoption: It has the adoption of latest web standards and the latest JavaScript language feature.


What Makes Best Ember Books? 

Here are our criteria to select Ember.js books for beginners:

  • It must have a structured, clear, and logical progression of topics.

  • The book is concise and easy to understand.

  • Content must be up-to-date and should thoroughly teach and explain the concepts of Ember.js.

  • Contain exercises, examples, and practice problems for hands-on experience.

  • Engaging and able to hold the attention of readers.

  • The book should have a clear layout and must be friendly toward self-taught programmers.


Best Books on Ember

We have reviewed the top 5 Ember.js books that will help you in getting started with Ember.js. If you're just getting started and want to get familiar with Ember.js, these books are ideal for you.

Here are the best books on Ember.js:


1. Best Book for Completionists: Ember.js Cookbook

Ember.js Cookbook by Erik Hanchett is your one-stop solution to the key features of Ember.js. It provides in-depth explanations on how to use the Ember.js framework and the associated tools.

The book makes learning Ember.js easy by breaking down each topic into simple-to-understand recipes. The contents covered in the book are:

  • Ember CLI Basics

  • The Ember.Object Model

  • Ember Templates

  • Ember Router

  • Ember Controllers

  • Ember Components

  • Ember Models and Ember Data

  • Logging, Debugging, and Testing

  • Real-Life Tasks with Ember.js

  • Awesome Tasks with Ember

  • Real-Time Web Applications

After reading the book, you will be able to:

  • Create a component with actions and events

  • Set up a model with Ember Data using fixture data

  • Create several different types of test cases and run them

  • Manage and set up user authentication using Ember Simple Auth

  • Add animated transitions to your app with Liquid Fire

  • Set up a service and initializer with dependency injection

  • Create a working chat application

  • Set up an Ember Service and initializer with dependency injection

  • Create a working chat application

By the end of the book, you will know everything about Ember.js to build a fully operational Ember application.


2. Best Book for Hands-on Learners: Deliver Audacious Web Apps with Ember 2

Deliver Audacious Web Apps with Ember 2 by Matthew White guides you how to get your crucial app infrastructure up and running quickly. You will learn all the essentials of working with Ember.

Through this book, you will learn:

  • How to use module-driven development with Ember CLI, 

  • New DOM-based rendering engine

  • How to use a service-based architecture to make your apps flexible

  • How to use Ember's routing classes to organize your app and read and write data from restful services with almost no code.

The book is divided into nine chapters and the contents covered are:

  • Chapter 1 talks about how to start your App with Ember

  • Chapter 2 talks about directing traffic with routes

  • Chapter 3 talks about laying out a User Interface

  • Chapter 4 talks about building in Reuse with Components

  • Chapter 5 covers modelling your data

  • Chapter 6 talks about reading nonstandard APIs

  • Chapter 7 talks about reusing code in Ember

  • Chapter 8 covers building, testing, and deploying your Ember Apps

  • Chapter 9 talks about building and using Ember Addons

If you want web development to be fun again and write engaging and attractive apps, this book is for you!


3. Best Book for A Budget: Ember.js: Simple web app creation

Ember.js: Simple web app creation by Todd Abel is an exploration of the EmberJS JavaScript library. The book begins by explaining what Ember.js is, how it is used, and where it is used.

After reading the book, you will be able to:

  • Download the library and use it via the CDN. 

  • Explore the object model in EmberJS 

  • Learn how to define and use both classes and instances in EmberJS. 

  • Explore the Computed properties in EmberJS and how computed properties in EmberJS can be chained. 

  • Examine the property of alternate invocation in EmberJS

  • Learn about the Templates in EmberJS 

  • Learn how to use the handler.

  • Explore the Conditionals

The book guides you how to use the EmberJS library for the purpose of development.


4. Best Book for Serious Learners: Mastering Ember.js

Mastering Ember.js by Mitchel Kelonye introduces you to web application development using the Ember.js web framework. It helps to build fast, scalable, dynamic, and ambitious single-page web applications by mastering Ember.js.

You will learn about views, event management, logging, debugging, and error management, always focusing on best practices. After reading the book, you will be able to:

  • Install Ember.js and create a basic application

  • Separate concerns in web applications through the use of states

  • Create dynamic web applications

  • Easily make interactive web applications

  • Connect web applications to remote data stores

  • Make real-time web applications

  • Use REST in order to persist data

  • Discover how Ember.js logs errors and how to troubleshoot when needed

  • Package reusable web components

The book is divided into eleven chapters and the contents covered are

  • Chapter 1 covers Introduction to Ember.js

  • Chapter 2 talks about understanding Ember.js Objects and Mixins

  • Chapter 3 covers Routing and State Management

  • Chapter 4 talks about Writing Application Templates

  • Chapter 5 covers Controllers

  • Chapter 6 covers Views and Event Management

  • Chapter 7 covers Components

  • Chapter 8 talks about Data Persistence through REST

  • Chapter 9 covers Logging, Debugging, and Error Management

  • Chapter 10 talks about testing your Application

  • Chapter 11 talks about building Real-time Applications

  • Chapter 12 talks about modularizing your project

If you are a web developer with basic knowledge of Ember.js, this is the book for you.


More Ways to Learn Ember

To learn anything, there is no single best way. The Ember.js framework has come a long way and has tons of online resources to facilitate new users. In addition to books, you can also benefit from online courses and tutorials.

Here are a few more ways to learn Ember.js besides books:

We also suggest here over 70 coding resources that you can access immediately and are free online.  I hope to see you over there in that article. 

Just unleash your ambition and start creating amazing web applications with Ember.js.

Once you get beyond the initial learning curve with Ember.js, it becomes really fun!

Miranda Limonczenko

Miranda is the founder of Books on Code, with a mission to bring book-lover culture to programmers. Learn more by checking out Miranda on LinkedIn.

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