Books on Javascript

Find reviews on the best books in Javascript Development.


Best First Read: You Don’t Know JS Yet: Get Started

You Don’t Know JS Yet: Get Started should not be called Get Started. Its truer title is “Under the Hood,” since the entire idea behind book one of the series is to lift the hood, point out the components, and highlight idiosyncrasies in Javascript.

This book empowers all beginning software engineers with the root concepts so that they can think for themselves.


Best Book for Intermediate Coders: Eloquent Javascript

Eloquent Javascript 3rd edition covers a rare territory: it is not for complete beginners. It can benefit programmers who have been coding for years. In a market saturated with programming books for beginners, Eloquent Javascript is refreshing. It gets you to think deeper about the “why” and re-kindles excitement for the craft.

“Like a warm cup of tea on a cold winter day,” reading Eloquent Javascript is like cracking open a magical spell book.


Best Javascript Developer Career Roadmap: Front-End Developer Handbook

Front-end Developer Handbook 2019 is a complete getting-started guide for anyone who wants to become a self-taught front-end web developer in present year. It is a free programming book, which is accessible online or downloadable in pdf or epub formats. It talks about everything from all the various tools developers might encounter in 2019 to practical career advice like salary expectations.


5 Top Free Programming Books for Front-End Developers

Free programming books are in abundance. You can become a self-taught front-end web developer at no cost, but scouting the resources to get started isn’t always easy. I took the guesswork out of the search for free programming books by compiling a list of stellar and highly-regarded books.